“If I’m having a blast right now on tour with my smash one-woman show, it’s because of my MBS degree!” A testimonial by 1991 graduate Isabelle Goudé Lavarde


There’s a time for everything, especially for enduring ties, commitments and undeniable synchronicities. At 48, after a career in human resources and consulting, Isabelle Goudé Lavarde is unleashing her creativity in the fourth incarnation of her career. The class-of-1991 graduate and mother of four is going on tour with a playful, informative show on everything she’s learned from her life as a senior executive, mother and woman — tempered with humour and goodwill. It’s a caustic and painfully true view of the art of getting along. And it’s all about setting the record straight.

Isabelle Goudé Lavarde hasn’t changed a bit. Bubbly and dynamic, with a natural authority and an innate humanism, I. Goudé Lavarde perfectly exemplifies the generation of women (especially Generation X) who, in the nineties, began to study commerce. “Already back then, we were so motivated to change the world. I won’t name names here, but you know who you are — especially Laurence Maire! We spent three amazing years at MBS and then jumped into life with a complete set of tools, in a context where we had maximum employability. And yet, no-one ever told us women what was waiting for us in terms of career management: leading a triple life, the sacrifices, the joys and the challenges you have as a woman, not only in your professional life, but in your personal and social life too. I still haven’t found an instruction book for it all, for the good reason that life’s realities can’t be taught in schools today, any more than they could be yesterday — despite all the debates over equality in the workplace, diversity and well-being at work. In my show, I talk about the realisations I came to throughout the course of my own life. I turn them into a performance with my Rule #1.”

“Rendez-moi la vie plus belle” (Make My Life More Beautiful), the first one-woman show with an educational twist, has taken on a momentum its author little expected when she first launched it in 2015. It’s been seen by 4000 audience members and has 40 tour dates scheduled, with 23 more in the pipeline. Customised versions, in 55-minute to 90-minute formats, are perfect for businesses, which are eating up the fun-filled lessons about Rule #1. They are delighted to discover that Isabelle, inspired by non-violent communication, adroitly compares team management basics with the positive education of children. It’s a real lesson in personal fulfilment and leading a holistic life. It’s intended for women, but also for men, of course.

“My fourth career is hitting the ground running! But it’s just an extension of everything I’ve already done; only the form is different. The tipping point was when I met with a talented director, Emilia Santucci, which came at a time when I was looking to share my experiences in an innovative form. Most of all, it was the desire to fully trust my enthusiasm for life and really take a bold step. In the discussions that follow the show, I can see from the questions I’m asked that the bold choices I made in my professional life have struck a chord in the audience. But what was most striking and moving for me was the welcome I received from professionals, and from all those who extended a hand when I needed it most. I’m especially grateful to the 130 co-producers who joined forces to help our crowdfunding effort for the show reach 103% of its objective. Because in any launch phase, far from the spotlights, there’s also a team of 12 people to feed, nervous bankers, and periods of doubt. A thousand thanks to everyone who encouraged me and supported me in making this project a reality.”

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you’d like to have a good time, learn the art of living together and howl with laughter, you can find Isabelle on one of her tour dates throughout France and Switzerland, or in the beautiful Parisienne room of the Théâtre les Feux de la Rampe on Sunday 14 May at 2pm. Companies and schools, now’s your time to get in touch with her! And for us here at MBS? A date is scheduled here soon and — who knows? — one day there might be two female MBS graduates onstage.

All dates and videos can be found at www.rendezmoilavieplusbelle.com