Supporting the implementation for professionals of the “Right to Disconnect” Law with the new application “Calldoor”, created by Édouard Mongrand, a MBS’s graduate from 2000


The right to disconnect entered into force in companies with over 50 employees with the Labour Law of 1st January 2017, but its implementation can be difficult because of employees’ habit of hyperconnectivity. To help companies in separating professional and personal life of their employees, Edouard Mongrand (MBS Master’s class of 2000) had the idea of creating the ED2 Company and its Calldoor solution, which offers to help mastering the professional use of smartphones.

While a IFOP survey from 2014 said that 62% of senior managers are addicted to their smartphone, each company must now put in place the right to disconnect that entered into force with Article L2242-8 of the French Labour Code. Companies must thus define the terms of this right in annual negotiations or in a charter. But beyond this, what can be done to help one’s employees? This is where Calldoor comes in: a range of innovative applications that is installed on business phones developed by ED2 Company.

This allows the company to notify and inform the employee about the disconnection in different ways, or even to block certain functions during a defined time period. "The objective of implementing these tools is to make the employees feel less guilty, or even to avoid temptation or frustration. In France, we have become too accustomed to stay connected to one’s work, to respond to an email, an SMS, then two, then three, and then, finally, to never put up a barrier. This non-disconnection can be difficult to manage for some, but also for their friends and family," explains Edouard Mongrand, a graduate of the MBS Master’s Programme in 2000. "With Calldoor Notification, you will be able to inform your employees in different ways and thus educate them to the use of the digital tools desired by the company. For companies that want to, Calldoor Premium allows employees to no longer receive emails, text messages or business calls outside working hours. They can then easily get on with something else until the next day, have peace of mind and that, with the approval of the company, which is important for many employees."

It is, the company, which through a dedicated interface, will be able to adjust the access or notification settings, and adjust them for each employee. Adapted to Android and iOS smartphones, the applications are designed for any type of business, regardless of sector type. "The well-being and health of each employee depends, in part, on this daily break with work. It involves reducing stress factors and preventing burn-out risks by giving the employee a completely "digital free" period, at least as far as the professional aspect is concerned. The company also clarifies its position with regard to the employee and thus protects itself against the risk of being accused of harassment".

As for ED2, it has been a success! After receiving the French Tech grant at the beginning of 2016 thanks to the support of BPI France, Calldoor also received a grant from the Aquitaine Limousin Poitou Charentes Regional Council. In total, the fund raising has already reached 200,000 euros! It’s only a beginning, because Edouard hopes to reach 500,000 euros by the end of 2017.
MBS congratulates its graduate entrepreneur and we will not fail to follow his growth as well as his success.

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