Makestorming, an approach at the service of managerial innovation: an unprecedented intervention by Mrs Stéphanie Bacquere and Mrs Marie-Noéline Vigué as part of the Innovative Thinking for Business course at MBS!


On Wednesday 19 April, Montpellier Business School had the great pleasure of receiving Mrs Stéphanie Bacquere and Mrs Marie-Noéline Vigué, pioneers of, and above all, experts in "makestorming" and "corporate hacking": an exceptional conference and exchange with the administrative staff, the lecturer-researchers from MBS, as well as students from the 1st year of the Master Grande Ecole programme as part of Dr Carlos Raul Sanchez’s "Innovative Thinking for Business" course.

Both coming from the digital world, Marie-Noéline and Stephanie have been developing the "makestorming" approach in their business, nod-A, since 2009. This approach combines the best of agile methods, design and digital to bring collaboration, action and well-being back into the heart of business, and reinvent their culture. Thanks to its success, this approach led them to publish a book in 2015 on the subject entitled "Makestorming: A Guide for Corporate Hacking", elected best digital book in 2016 by the #Hubawards!

Today, nod-A has offices in Paris, Lyon and Montreal and brings together 25 staff whose role is to help large companies and their employees in the adoption of innovative working methods. "To date, 50 companies have successfully integrated "makestorming"! If start-ups, which are the result of the web culture, owe their success to these modes of collaborative work and transversal relationships between employees, large companies are questioning themselves and learning to unlearn to develop the same practices. This is where nod-A intervenes, because they need to be supported in this change, even jostled! We also encourage employees to "hack" their companies to make things happen. And it works!

In front of an audience eager to shake up the codes, the two speakers clearly explain "Corporate Hacking", a viralisation concept which consists of gradually installing the makestorming approach within the company by "disobeying" certain established rules. One learns that becoming a corporate hacker can be an individual step, but also a group movement of employees who have the desire or need to regain meaning and pleasure in their roles. "The hackers detect the faults of a system and thus contribute to its improvement. It's the same thing in business! Organisations need "benevolent hackers" who, by deviating from protocols, bring new tools to better fulfil their professional roles, even exceed their functions, and bring added value to the company. What is the point of recruiting the best people if you ultimately prevent them from expressing their full potential? To take action in the face of frustration, to take measured risks, to work theoretically, to reinvent, that is what corporate hacking means."

There is no doubt that this conference, like their work, will remain in the memories of everyone from MBS. Montpellier Business School would like to thank the speakers, not to mention Professor Carlos Sanchez, who initiated this approach.

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