Montpellier Business School recognised as being of General Interest!


Montpellier Business School, the Management Grande Ecole in the Occitanie region, has just received the qualification of Private Higher Education Institution of General Interest (EESPIG) from the Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Research.

This label, issued by the French State after a particularly rigorous investigation, demonstrates both the absolute non-profit status of Montpellier Business School – a school constituted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hérault since 2013, as an association under the Law of 1901 - while ensuring that all its resources are devoted exclusively to the public service mission of higher education as defined by the French State in Article L 123-3 of the French Education Code. Montpellier Business School will now, as stipulated in the decree of 18 June 2014, sign a multi-year contract with the State which will determine the parties’ respective commitments.

"This recognition is all the more important given that families, students, companies and even public authorities, historically accustomed, in France, to free university studies and the very wide range of fee-paying education offered by specialised private commerce and management establishments presented almost identically, now have, through the creation of the EESPIG Label, a tangible indicator of differentiation between profit-making establishments (whether directly or indirectly profit-making) and establishments whose purpose is not to remunerate, in any manner whatsoever, their creators or shareholders, but to achieve an important mission of general interest without a lucrative purpose," adds Didier Jourdan, Dean of Montpellier Business School, who hastens to add: "we could say that because of the associative nature of our school and its consular origins, it means recognition of ‘super non-profit status’ of our activities by the State, who wanted to differentiate between the individual players in higher education that we are.”

This total financial transparency in our activities is an additional guarantee that adds to all those already obtained by Montpellier Business School in the fields of academic quality and societal commitment, which form the two cornerstones of its action.

Montpellier Business School is very proud of thus joining its fellow schools, ESSEC or EDHEC, to name a few, who have this qualification.