“Neither my school, nor my colour, nor my youth have ever been an obstacle. I manage more than a billion in bulk purchasing!” The story of Lorie Gustave-Dit-Duflo, Regional Supplier Performance Manager for Wider Europe at Renault-Nissan


Lorie Gustave-Dit-Duflo, who’s 32 years old and originally from Guadeloupe, graduated from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Pointe à Pitre before earning a degree from Montpellier Business School. She studied Procurement and Quality Management, a professional specialisation headed by Professor Denis Villanove. Currently Regional Supplier Performance Manager for Wider Europe at Renault-Nissan, she recently received the President’s Award from Mr Carlos Ghosn, her company’s CEO, for the performance of her projects, a recognition she wanted to share with MBS.

‘I’ll never forget my entrance exam, nor my slog in the orals, nor the welcome I received at MBS (Sup de Co, as it was then known), nor my programme. But there’s one thing that will be forever etched in my memory: the guidance I received for my specialisation. Back then, students had to submit a professional project corrected by the school, which determined your choice of specialisation. After I did mine, I met with Laurence Maire, at the time director of the master’s programme, who I talked to about it. I wanted to do strategic consulting. When she read my project, I ended up in Procurement and Quality Management,” says Lorie. ‘Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and she’s the one I contacted right away to let her know about my award. And I even told Mr Ghosn about her. If it hadn’t been for a certain Laurence back in 2004, I wouldn’t be here!”

Lorie has been at Renault for seven years. She started in procurement on the plastic accessories line. Then, after the partnership with Daimler, she left to go to engines, and then onto paints. And all that, of course, on a global scale, for the paltry sum of one billion. “Normally it takes three or four years at a position before you can move up. I changed every two years. Neither my school, nor my colour, nor my youth have never been an obstacle to my career advancement,” adds Lorie.

Lorie is based in Paris but travels around the world. “Yes...internally they call me Dora the Explorer!” I’ve loved living in other countries, starting with my study abroad year at MBS. I chose the University of Northampton in the UK, and I have wonderful memories of the experience. Thanks to that, I’m comfortable no matter where I go – whether to Russia, Mexico or Japan. I’ve learned about integration and multiculturalism. Today I manage a dozen people older than me in every country in the world. At Montpellier, I learned strength and openness.”
Mr Ghosn told her, “If you want to be seen, you have to be the best at what you do.” She adds, “After starting at Renault, I quickly learned that I’d be given a lot of autonomy, and it would be up to me to do the rest. I’ve experienced a lot of things. And now I can present a three-year strategy in three slides.”

Lorie takes the opportunity of her President’s Award to talk to future applicants. “I wish you the best of luck. Follow your heart, your emotions, in your choice of school. You won’t regret it! The availability of the people at the school is a real advantage. They’re there to help you succeed!”