MBS students discussed global geopolitical issues at the Lyon Model United Nations 2017 event!


This year, MBS and its student association “World’Co” proposed its students to join a unique experience in international negociation, all in English, called “Model United Nationes”. From 18th to 21st of May, 2017, the students from Montpellier Business School Model United Nations Club – MBSMUN, thus took on the role of diplomats and debated issues of national, regional, and international scope within the realms of the 2017 edition of Lyon Model United Nations.

“A MUN session is a simulation designed to raise awareness of international issues and the development of human rights” explains Sophie Gosselin, Head of the Health, Disabilities and Sustainable Development Project at MBS. “It is also an introduction to international negotiations and the required communication in diplomacy. Under the platform of MUN, students take on the role of delegates, ambassadors or foreign ministers of a country on various committees such as the United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations Security Council and the International Criminal Court. Participation in a MUN allows students to develop their skills as speakers and leaders and to deal with the practice of international relations and public law.”

Created by the Harvard University in 1921 and now established in numerous prestigious universities and private schools, LyonMUN gathered during 4 days more than 400 participants from all around France and Europe, including 5 students from MBS Bachelor and Master programmes, within the framework of "Guaranteeing Human Rights in the Face of the New Challenges of International Security". Twelve committees were simulated, including 8 in English and 4 in French. Throughout the event, several topics such as disarmament, refugees and culture were discussed. The delegates from MBSMUN debated topics of regional and international relevance, taking part and actively engaging in committees like the African Union (AU), the United Nations Human Rights Council and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The delegate Ulrich De La Rosa, participating in his first MUN simulation, was recognized with an Honorary Mention for his arduous work throughout the sessions!

Next year, the event will of course be renewed, and MBSMUN club is expecting even more students to join this rewarding experience. “It is inevitable that the world we live in is one of constant uncertainty and strife, it is because of this that we must continue to encourage youth to actively take part in transforming and ameliorating some of today’s most pressing issues by taking part in these sort of initiatives” comments the Secretary General of MBSMUN 2016-2017, Mr. Diego Estévez. “So I call everyone interested to make themselves known to our club and the World’Co association!

More information on the MUN events: https://mymun.net/