A Master 2 student was awarded with the “Innovative and Responsible Enterprise” prize of the Montpellier Business School Foundation!


In addition to MBS's commitment to diversity and equal opportunities through a wide range of funding assistance for studies (social policy), the Montpellier Business School Foundation is involved in financing actions in other strategic areas of MBS: innovation and the development of research. For the past 10 years, the Foundation has decided to award the "Innovative and Responsible Enterprise" prize to a business project carried out by a student or a young graduate of Montpellier Business School. This year, this prize was won by the student Rémy Carré, currently in the final year of the Master programme-specialization “Start-Up”- for his project of cosmetics 100% biodegradable BIOLAO.

During the Executive Committee meeting on June 2, 2017, three projects were pre-selected and presented to the jury through Pierre-Alain ROGEL, Director of the MBS Entreprendre Center, in which these projects are monitored according to three essential criteria: financial realism and the quality of the business plan, the innovative character of the project, and the contribution to the defense of the values of openness, diversity and global responsibility and performance.

Even though the other two projects were also of high quality, the happy winner of the 2017 edition was Rémy Carré with a project in collaboration with Joséphine Moisson (cosmetics graduate) and Pierre Trégouët (Brand Designer), named BIOLAO: a washing powder fully biodegradable, of natural and vegetable origin, without preservatives and recommended for sensitive skin. This powder is available in an innovative, hermetic, rechargeable and transportable bottle in order to minimize the overuse of plastic packaging that is difficult to recycle. The jury was particularly sensitive to this concept and decided to award it a € 10,000 prize, in order to help it build up its own funds before launching the product.

"We sincerely thank the Foundation for this precious help," comments Rémy Carré. "From the beginning, we are accompanied by MBS Entreprendre and our coach Laurent Perez-Dubois, a "serial entrepreneur", in every stage of our creation. At this stage, we have already made a lot of progress from the basic idea. This award is a real stepping-stone for us to gain credibility but also to accelerate the deployment of our product range. The amount won will allow us to adapt our washing powder to shampoo or toothpaste. So I can only encourage all the start-ups born within MBS and still in the boot phase, to apply for this award. "

The Foundation wishes the BIOLAO team the best and of course, stands by them in this great adventure of entrepreneurship!