Two graduates of MBS join forces and create a company specialized in energies: Enys Power!

Lionel met Lydia during his apprenticeship at ERAI International, in France. Today, both are MBS graduates (promotions 2014 and 2016) and have joined forces to innovate in the electrical industry and to propose a turn-key formula of energy development in Africa! They have just launched Enys Power and they introduced it to us.

Recruited at ERAI after his apprenticeship before graduating, Lionel continued his career as an electrical equipment buyer at CEL France, and then at Engie Ineo, before finally turning to entrepreneurship. "It was during my apprenticeship that my desire to create my own company emerged, and it has never left me since! I was always tempted to build my own business. Besides, I wanted to resume my studies in a business school precisely to acquire all the skills necessary for the global understanding of a company, to be able to create a business of my own when the time comes. And the time has come! "

By creating Enys Power, Lionel remains in its field of activity: industrial purchases and export Supply Chain. "With Enys Power, we are working on energy conversion and export. Our objective is to provide professionals and industrialists technical and logistical solutions for energy development in West, East and Central Africa, where electricity is difficult to access, and then evolve towards renewable energies in a short term” explains Lionel. “In addition to competitive costs to take some market share, our added value and what differentiates us from our competitors is the “skills transfer” aspect. We want to allow the technicians of the companies in Africa to be autonomous, and thus provide them with training solutions in addition to our turn-key service".

As energy is a rising market, Lionel expects its business to develop rapidly by the end of 2018, with a target revenue of 250,000 euros, which would represent at least 50 orders. "Contracts can quickly be very profitable in this sector, despite an irregular business. At the moment, our first contract was concluded for consultancy until December 2017, with my former employer Engie Ineo, so not in Africa, but we took the opportunity because Engie is a major player in energy solutions, and this is a nice reference to show andto gain credibility. MBS knows this because it is one of the school's Major Partners! "

Proud of its graduates with values of openness, equality of opportunity and global responsibility, MBS wishes a very good continuation to Lionel and Lydia and will see them very soon, because Lionel will be present among the companies registered at STRATMEUP in September!

Enys Power's brand new website: