For her last year at MBS, Marine embarks on a solidarity adventure with her team "Les Raid Dingues"!

At the age of 23, Marine wants to make her last year of the Master Grande Ecole program in Montpellier an extraordinary adventure! So she joined two friends, medical students, Alice and Laura, to realize a project that was close to her heart: a solidarity raid that will bring her to travel 20 countries in Europe and deliver 100 kilos of supplies to underprivileged children. Top start on July 29th!

"We chose to do the Europ’ Raid, although it is less known than the 4L Trophy because it allowed us to be a team of 3 and to live an even stronger experience because we will cross almost one country per day during 23 days, travel 10,000 kms, and all this into a Peugeot 205! " explained Marine, the communications officer of the “Raid Dingues", Alice, the president, and Laura, the treasurer.

Among the 150 crews of the 4th edition, the association of the three girls is among the most advanced at this stage and will therefore be one of the first crews to deliver its shipment. "We have collected beyond the weight of supplies requested, our car "Bubulle" passed the technical control, it is ready, then we are too!" says Marine. "For the anecdote, Bubulle is 27 years old, so she is older than us, she has only 4 speeds, no air conditioning, and we took it from an association which had the same name as us last year, so it is a nice handover! And we hope it will not be its last raid. "

Although they are all very busy with their respective studies, Marine, Alice and Laura began to prepare this beautiful project last October, in order to be on time. "It is a strong personal investment because there is the creation of the association, the research for the car, the sponsors, the collect of money and supplies... Between our courses and my apprenticeship, it was not easy to find the time, but every break during the day was an opportunity to advance. Fortunately, we were very supported in our approach, and pleasantly surprised by the solidarity of the people we solicited. Some were embarrassed not being able to help us as much as they wanted, but if everyone gives a little, we get a lot, so there are no little help! We really want to thank everyone because it is a collective success, which proves that mutual aid can lead to great successes."

Today, the three girls are only 3 weeks away from the big start from La Roche-Sur-Yon, and they realize all the work done so far. "Of course, the Raid has not yet begun, but this experience has already enriched us so much! Humanly, but also professionally because we had to create "Raid Dingues" all by ourselves, develop skills, and it made us gain confidence. This type of challenge is a very complete exercise, and personally, it really crowns my years of studies at MBS, which has always upholded equal opportunities, openness and diversity. "

To follow the adventure of Marine and his teammates, go to their Facebook page: Les Raid Dingues!