Montpellier Business School becomes the 1st higher education institution to obtain the Professional Gender Equality Certification (Label Egalité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes)

After its qualification as a Private Higher Education Establishment for General Interests (Etablissement d’Enseignement Supérieur Privé d’Intérêt Général, ESSPIG) by the French state and the renewal of its Diversity Certification (Label Diversité ), Montpellier Business School has been equally awarded the Professional Gender Equality Certification. This first for a higher education institution confirms the engagement of MBS in promoting diversity and inclusion of all talents, as well as the recognition of these results in all of its activities.

“The acquisition by Montpellier Business School of this new Professional Gender Equality Certification was made possible by the strong involvement of all the institution’s participants, staff, students, business partners who, every day, work towards the deployment of the diversity policy with all our stakeholders and who are equally involved in the preparation of the audit file, in the audit, and the supports that have taken place,” explains Dr Didier Jourdan, Dean of MBS. “As all the improvement processes continue, these two certifications compel us to pursue and to advance on the subject of diversity such as workplace equality between women and men. So far as the new dimension conveyed by a specific certification, the challenge in the months and years to come will be to work towards a larger co-education among occupations. Co-education and diversity as a whole are fundamental to any overall performance.”

Issued by the State for four years with an intermediate audit in 2019, the Diversity Certification and Professional Gender Equality Certification relate to the following activities at MBS: Human resource management; Educational and administrative activities; Recruitment of students; Student social policy; Education and research; Professional and continuous training in management sciences; Consulting in management sciences.

“The diagnosis was made in relation to our staff population and our student populations,” explains Mrs Caroline Cazi, Director of Human Resources, Diversity, and Social and Environmental Responsibility at Montpellier Business School. “Concerning the MBS teams, the strong rate of feminisation of the teams (70%) is found at the Management Committee level (70%) but also at the Executive Committee level (50%). As far as our students go, we attract male and female students at a nearly-identical rate.”

A State certification created in 2005, the Professional Gender Equality Certification is assigned after the consideration of a labelling file by AFNOR Certification and an appearance before the certification commission. The evaluation focuses on several criteria split into three fields which include actions taken in the business to promote professional equality, resource management, and parental management and support in the professional setting.

Today, 82 agencies in France hold this Certification and Montpellier Business School is the 1st educational institution to obtain it.