Master’s 2006 graduate, Emilie Michel launched “Bee – Bien-être en entreprise” [Well-being in business], a company specialised in the improvement of quality of life at work!

Always smiling and cheerful, Emilie Michel didn’t forget the strong human side of Montpellier Business School. As evidence, this 2006 graduate from the Grande Ecole Master’s programme co-founded a business dedicated to well-being in business where she is in charge of development and marketing. This demonstrates how the values of MBS are expressed in the professional opportunities of our graduates.

After having been in charge of marketing for the florist chain Au Nom de la Rose, then senior product chief for Groupe Flo (Hippopotamus, Bistro Romain, Tablapizza, etc.), Emilie Michel decided to dive into entrepreneurship. “These last ten years were very informative but I told myself that it would be good to do something different and potentially more useful to others,” begins our 2006 graduate. “One of my best friends is an osteopath, and in addition to his practice, he already works for businesses and suggested to me to get involved with him in this new adventure. I finished by leaving my last job and since February, I have been focusing full time on the creation and development of Bee.”

Ultimately, what is the concept of this new business cofounded by a MBS graduate? “We present ourselves as the HappyCulteurs of business! We want to allow employees to get back some time in their professional lives by bringing outside needs in life into the business. The employer finds too that the employee will certainly be happier. What’s beneficial is that a happy employee remains loyal, works better, and is more creative. So it’s win-win!”

“We therefore decided to orient ourselves toward health and well-being in business with osteopathy, nutrition, sophrology, yoga, and seated Amma massage. So it’s a rather comprehensive offering that we’re proposing with specialties that complement each other and respond to the specific needs of the employees,” explains Emilie Michel. “What we hope is to become long-term service providers for businesses. The idea is to propose a custom offering after carrying out an audit to identify employees’ well-being needs and therefore be able to develop a plan according to the desires and restrictions of each one. For that, we created an online platform for each business and each employee to be able to log into their account to make an appointment, follow their history, etc.”

Founded on 5 April, Bee is based in the Paris region and has already enrolled its first business clients. “We targeted Ile-de-France initially but we don’t want to close ourselves off to signing contracts all over France. Our principle is the linking of businesses with quality, independent well-being professionals and we already have around 50 recommendations (10 in each speciality). But if, for example, a Montpellier business is interested, we would happily visit it to conduct interviews to select the best service providers in the area.”

The message has been passed on!

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