Focus on the 2017 Summer School of MBS, an intensive program 100% in English and accessible to all profiles

Internationally-oriented, Montpellier Business School welcomes numerous French and international students every year for 3 weeks of courses and workshops entirely taught in English in the context of its Summer School. The 2017 edition took place from June 26th to July 13th under the sign of diversity.

A Summer School is a short international academic program, allowing students to validate ECTS credits. It is therefore the ideal opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills in an immersive multicultural environment and at an intensive pace. This year again, participants came from all parts of the world such as South Korea, Ghana, Brazil and Saudi Arabia to discover the south of France and follow the 3 modules proposed by MBS, dedicated to the development of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit: "design thinking", "intercultural management", and "entrepreneurship & innovation" ; all new concepts for most of the students or employees who are from various fields such as game design, human resources, finance, or advertising, and who had to learn to open up and challenge themselves during their stay at MBS.

Openness and diversity, which are part of the school values, are the highlights of the Summer School and are also reflected in the organization of the stay. During the weeks, the participants enjoyed numerous activities such as the discovery of local companies at different stages of development (Haribo, the French Tech...) or the visit of the Montpellier region; some enriching moments for their professional and personal culture and ideal for sharing and exchanging naturally with their classmates.

The adventure ended on July 13 with the presentation of certificates to the participants by the Summer School team: Carole Santos (Deputy Director - International Academic Relations), Mary O'Shea Muller, and Hudson Jacob. "It was a great experience, very enriching academically, professionally and humanely. Between the outdoor classes, the group projects and the cultural and company visits, we have improved in creativity, in English language, but also in multicultural relations!" comments Gloria, a program participant. "The three weeks passed in a flash because we were always in a positive environment, with a collaborative working method and a very productive mix of profiles," added Marcia and Afnan. "Everyone has their place in this program, because no one has the same background or the same knowledge. So no one has any gaps to fill. Everyone can participate to the Summer School and bring something different to the group, the key is just motivation" concludes Seul and Hye.

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