Professional kitesurfer and triple junior champion, Louka Pitot has joined the Bachelor programme of Montpellier Business School!

This year again, Montpellier Business School is pleased to welcome high-level athletes in its programs. Among them, Louka Pitot, an 18-year-old freestyle kitesurfer from Mauritius, and a French, European and World champion in the junior category, has just joined the MBS’ Bachelor of International Business Administration programme.

Since the age of 11 , Louka has been juggling between schooling and kitesurfing, and will not give up one or the other for anything in the world. A life far from ordinary, just like his discipline! "Kite is a sport that is still little known and practiced. I was lucky to discover it when I was a child with my friends in Mauritius, and, since then, I have never stopped. At the beginning it was just a hobby, and even now, even though I have reached a high level, I always take the same pleasure and that is what motivates and drives me to always keep on going" he explains. "I like the freedom that I get from it, and the feeling of flying on water. It is also a sport that brings people together, there is a lot of solidarity since there are not so many kitesurfers, there is a true "family" spirit. Today, I am really proud to be an ambassador of this sport! And I hope to give others the urge to try it."

As a professional and accomplished athlete, and first Mauritian to enter the Red Bull athletes, Louka joined the Montpellier kitesurfing team in August and is already multiplying trainings sessions. Europe, France and particularly Montpellier, is for him the opportunity to get closer to the competitions (about 4 per year in Europe), but also to meet his kitesurfers friends who are already settled here for the same reasons. And Louka will not stop there: beyond his passion he aspires to obtain an international and exportable diploma from MBS’ Bachelor programme. A new challenge that he is ready to achieve!

"Many of my kitesurfing friends already live in Montpellier. It is indeed the perfect city for me: close to the sea but also hometown of a recognized business school that offers an admission dedicated to high-level athletes, with a flexible post-baccalaureate curriculum that fits my workouts and competitions! This is the perfect opportunity to pursue my sporting career, but also to invest in post-secondary education of excellence that will ensure a diploma of quality. I am also very happy not to have to choose between kitesurfing and studying!” Louka said.

While he just has started his academic year at MBS last week, Louka has already left to participate in a very important competition in the Netherlandsthat will qualify him to enter the kitesurf league. MBS wishes him good luck for this significant step and all those to come, and does not doubt that he will shine in his sport as well as in his studies!