Montpellier Business School - 2014 news

14 dec. 2014 - AFNOR’s follow-up audit confirms the award of the Diversity Label

13 dec. 2014 - International work/study programmes are also available for French students: Paul and Clémence, two students at Montpellier Business School, told us about it

12 dec. 2014 - Montpellier Business School Dakar at the Francophone summit in Dakar

11 dec. 2014 - Dr Paul Chiambaretto makes the link between marketing, law and the economy of crime. Champagne!

10 dec. 2014 - Thanks to Amarok, there are now more statistics concerning the health of business people than about blue whales! There’s hope yet for small businesses

09 dec. 2014 - Our Neighbourhood’s Got Talent

08 dec. 2014 - Entrepreneurs and managers: in a globalised world, you no longer have competitors, but many potential coopetitors

07 dec. 2014 - An idiosyncratic free spirit, Mickaël Choufane has created Cosmonotes: an audio production company

06 dec. 2014 - Developing the capacity to process information more easily: Montpellier Business School shows its students how to read faster and more efficiently

05 dec. 2014 - We are sailing! Thanks to the companies in Languedoc Roussillon for hiring our apprentices

04 dec. 2014 - The Return of the “1 Day, 1 Entrepreneur, 1 Student” Experience; Marion Met Up With Madame Stéphanie Andrieu, General Director and Co-Founder of Urbasolar

01 dec. 2014 - Montpellier Business School confirms the attraction of the Languedoc Roussillon region and of the city of Montpellier in the eyes of international students

28 nov. 2014 - Damien Ramos, partner of ‘UNLISH’, creates a social network start-up for sporty people

25 nov. 2014 - Vanelson, a smart entrepreneur at Montpellier Business School

11 nov. 2014 - Thanks to the E.R.A.I and all of the companies in Languedoc Roussillon who recruit graduates from the Montpellier Business School

10 nov. 2014 - Spelling... a second chance. The successful experience of the Montpellier Business School

9 nov. 2014 - Idriss Reggad’s “Free Style” Entrepreneurship - the saga continues with the rental of shared offices for entrepreneurs

8 nov. 2014 - Local authorities and professional and economic stakeholders stand alongside the nautical sector, with the Montpellier Business School and the Innov LR Agency

7 nov. 2014 - The student life service, the second link in a long chain supporting student careers

6 nov. 2014 - Montpellier Business School translates its commitment to equal opportunities into concrete actions - the experience of Pierre Farouz - President of the Social Committee

5 nov. 2014 - Dr Audrey Missonier and Anne Sophie Thelisson have identified the paradoxical tensions at the heart of a merger through their research into companies

4 nov. 2014 - Dr Cyril Foropon, specialist in Lean Management, joins researchers at the Montpellier Business School

3 nov. 2014 - On 25 October, the Montpellier Business School opened up to you its graduation ceremony

2 nov. 2014 - Montpellier Business School: the place to be, the place to study!

1 nov. 2014 - The Montpellier Business School methodology is a smart combination of action, reflection and interaction!

24 oct. 2014 - Montpellier Business School Graduation Ceremony : follow us live!

9 oct. 2014 - Having graduated in 2010, Alexandre HIDALGO was among the speakers on the new ‘behavioural strategies’ module, offered from the start of classes on the Masters 2 sandwich course

8 oct. 2014 - Montpellier Business School’s DNA: ‘The true perfection of man lies, not in what man has, but in what man is’ - Oscar Wilde

7 oct. 2014 - New technologies, co-development and collaborative working - Dr Matthijs Den Besten speaks in New York!

6 oct. 2014 - Wine marketing, package design and the Chinese market: Dr Franck Celhay, on assignment in Hong Kong on behalf of 3 French traders

5 oct. 2014 - Back to school... even if you work internationally, you never forget your business school!

4 oct. 2014 - Montpellier Business School is developing specialised training courses for the tourism sector

3 oct. 2014 - Montpellier Business School has surpassed its targets for foreign student intake, in particular through its Dakar subsidiary, and is developing international traineeships

2 oct. 2014 - Three Grandes Ecoles for management, Montpellier Business School, ESC Rennes School of Business and EM Strasbourg Business School bet on their complementarities

1 oct. 2014 - Up another four places in the Financial Times rankings, the marker for the best business schools in the world!

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