Identity and Legal status

Montpellier Business School, established in 1897, is one of the oldest management schools in Europe.

Founded by the Chamber of Commerce of Montpellier, the École Supérieure de Commerce de Montpellier (the Montpellier Graduate School of Business) was initially created to train economic leaders who would help develop activities and businesses in the region.

On January 1, 2013, Montpellier Business School changed its legal status, becoming a non-profit association according to the French association law of 1901 (Loi 1901). The goal of this modification was to give the institution greater management autonomy in order to meet international standards and to make operations more flexible to facilitate management innovations and allow for the changes necessary in national and international markets.

Celebrating 120 years!

Year of founding and most significant historical events up to date:

- 1897: Foundation.
- 1915: MBS is the first French business school to admit women (half of the cohort) as part of its early vision of diversity as a core element of its mission.
- 1917: A woman is ranked first of her cohort.
- 1972: Montpellier Business School starts operations from a new Campus and grows in number of students in the Master programme.
- 1992: Dr Didier Jourdan is appointed Dean. 
- 1993: Admittance into the French Conference of Grandes Ecoles (‘CGE’).
- 1994: Creation of the Executive MBA programme
- 1997: Introduction of the Apprenticeship delivery mode for students in the Master programme.
- 2001: Launch of the Bachelor of International Business Administration (‘BIBA’) programme.
- 2004: E-learning and blended-learning experimentations.
- 2005: Subsequent full implementation including Learning Management System (Moodle…).
- 2006: Adoption of the new Teaching Standards, promoting active learning and flipped classrooms, across all courses and programmes.
- 2009: Partnership with Pearson for online content, customized text books for all courses.
- 2009: Obtention of the Diversity Label issued by the French state and by AFNOR
- 2010: The Grande Ecole Master programme receives first accreditation by EFMD (EPAS).
- 2011: First AACSB accreditation for all academic programmes.
- 2012: First AMBA accreditation for the Executive MBA.
- 2015: Surpasses 1,000 students yearly following the Apprenticeship track programme.
- 2016: Renewal of Grande Ecole Master programme EPAS accreditation with full duration (5 years) as well as AACSB (5 years).  
- 2016: Launch of a new phase of its “Together Further, 2020” strategic plan, including significant investments on its campus and facilities (new buildings, collaborative spaces…).
- 2016: Launch of four Masters of Science (MSc) programmes: International Business, Marketing, Finance, and Global Business.
- 2017: Renewal of the Diversity label

Conférence des Grande Écoles

The Conférence des Grandes Ecoles is an association of the most prestigious French schools in all disciplines (management sciences and engineering). In order to be admitted, schools must issue Grand École Master’s Degrees (Grade de Master) and demonstrate academic excellence. Admission criteria also include the number of students and the course specializations offered. The School of Management Chapter of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles groups together the 38 largest French management schools, including Montpellier Business School (ESC Montpellier).