Our positioning

Innovation at the heart of our programmes

Montpellier Business School’s positioning is centered around the fields of management innovation and entrepreneurship.

We define management innovation as “the introduction of management practices and methods that are new for a company in order to improve overall performance.”

The studies performed by our professors, who are also researchers, ensure that their teaching remains up-to-date in the constantly evolving field of management science. Research in management innovation and entrepreneurship is a top priority for our professors.

A new educational structure has been established to encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility and an ability to think critically, which fosters a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Of note :

  • Montpellier Research in Management (MRM) groups together 130 teacher researchers and 86 doctoral students. MRM is the leading research center in management science in France, located next to the Montpellier Universities 1, 2 and 3.