The values of Montpellier Business School

Strengthening the social footprint of the institution

The aim of the Montpellier Business School’s values is to anchor all of its actions and activities in a global environment that shows responsibility towards societies, territories and individuals.

Three major families of values guide Montpellier Business School in all of its endeavors:

Ethics: Individual or group capacity to engage in critical thinking concerning the rules  and values of human behavior; An attempt to define the “right thing to do” based on honesty, fairness and integrity.

Openness and diversity:
individual and/or collective capacity of dealing intelligently with diversity in all its forms, either voluntarily or involuntarily (without demagogic intentions), through positive openness and outreach.

Responsibility and overall performance:
the constant search for economic, social and environmental efficient actions, bearing in mind acute awareness of their impacts on all stakeholders along with the willingness to report them in a transparent manner.

These institutional values can be seen in Montpellier Business School’s actions and commitments to fight against discrimination and to train all talented individuals, regardless of their backgrounds and social situations.

As a result of all the measures implemented and the integration of issues of diversity into its teaching and research, the school obtained the Diversity Label in France in October 2009 and in October 2011 created a “Diversity and Social and Environmental Responsibility” department.

The 1st Grande Ecole of Management in France to support learning that allows students to have tuition fees waived and receive compensation.
A total of 35% of students pay no tuition fees.

Signatory of the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, supporting human rights, the environment and social progress.