Our strengths

Montpellier Business School is an institution offering a new approach to training individuals for the responsibilities of senior management in anticipation of a future where inter- and multiculturalism, multilingualism, otherness and global citizenship will be the natural framework for all business activities.
The Group’s will to transmit its values serves as a source of strength, reinforcing the school’s distinctiveness, richness and performance.

According to the Group’s approach, this implies:

- an educational structure that makes it possible to develop a sense of responsibility and the ability to think critically, which fosters a spirit of managerial and entrepreneurial innovation, a source of competitiveness.

- a social footprint shaped by a curriculum design that is inspired by the values of diversity and global responsibility with the goal of training responsible and successful future managers.

- the school’s pioneering vision to make it compulsory for students to spend a full year abroad (not including cooperative education) as well as a full year in a company.

- the development of strategic alliances with the Montpellier Universities resulting from the creation of the “Montpellier Research in Management” research center, which brings together 130 teacher-researchers and 80 doctoral students. This research group received an A grade from AERES, the French Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education.

- a growing network of international partners, which fosters student and teacher exchanges; the creation of joint programmes and degrees; and the creation of a recruitment center for international students.

- close ties with hundreds of businesses, guaranteeing the availability of over 7,000 internships in companies annually, supervised by a team of internship and job advisors who work with students and businesses throughout the year. Furthermore, partner businesses pay the apprenticeship tax and make donations to Montpellier Business School Foundation to back activities that support the Group’s values and its position on management innovation and entrepreneurship.

- the implementation of a true Major Company Partner policy, which through the Montpellier Business Club currently includes more than 30 French and international firms that fully support Montpellier Business School strategy.

- anticipation of companies’ needs through offering a broad range of applied  specializations in the Master’s Programme that meet companies’ current recruitment needs.

- cooperative education and apprenticeship know-how, with a team of more than ten advisors to address the needs of students and businesses and a cooperative education rhythm of 3 weeks in a company and 1 week in the classroom, providing student apprentices with assignments that carry greater responsibility and supporting the establishment of a center for e-learning and distance learning that allows students to participate in the entire academic programme regardless of their location.

- tailored responses to individual and collective needs in continuing professional education with the Executive MBA programme, AMBA-accredited for meeting the highest standards of excellence among MBA programmes worldwide, and with specific continuing education programmes for companies of all sizes.