14 student associations

A rich cultural and social life, sport and relaxation are essential to student success. Sixteen associations involved in sport, cultural, community service and exchange perform over 60 projects per year and provide at least as many opportunities for students to get involved, feel fulfilled and push their limits.

A diverse selection
Throughout the year, the Bureau des Elèves (the Office for Student Affairs) organizes many not-to-be-missed events.

The Bureau des Sports, d’Adrénaline et de Sup d’Eole, the association for all sports enthusiasts, including extreme and wind and water sports, organizes championships, extreme sports and cruises.

The Bureau des Arts et Larsen, the association for students interested in culture and the arts, offers fashion shows, drama classes and music concerts.

Iris Live opens its doors to fans of photography and audiovisual arts and Oenophorie to lovers of good wine. Meanwhile, international students have the opportunity to explore France with World Connexion, and those who like to dabble on the stock market can get together in CAC 34.

Solidarity and generosity are the hallmarks of Sup de Cœur, and sustainable development that of Gaïa. Job’serv forges links between students and companies, resulting in jobs.

Finally, the most recently created association open up new territories:  LIM, “Living In Montpellier,” a Smartphone application offering “great ideas for less money in Montpellier

Active members
These associations have an average of fifteen active members, including officers (a president, a treasurer and a secretary, sometimes working in teams of two) and division leaders.

A designated space and the management tools necessary
Associations are provided with 600 m² (6,460 ft²) of space converted into offices.
Throughout the time they are association members, students receive support through the following: the associations guide; Animafac training; opportunities to meet professionals (insurance agents, lawyers, bank representatives, etc.); consultation and leadership from former members; and, finally, through the Montpellier Business School associations coordinator.

An enriching experience
Involvement in an association offers a rich human experience and an opportunity for personal growth. It also requires management and administrative skills and helps students develop capacities they will need in their future professional lives.

Join other students who, by becoming involved, are getting things done and also having fun!

Put your skills to work in an association!

As part of the Prométhée project, Montpellier Business School makes it possible for you to put the skills you have learned during your classes and courses to work in an association. A mentor supports you, and you are assessed on your achievements. Each year a prize is awarded to the best project.