Director's editorial

The Bachelor Programme is recognised as a 3-year academic degree by the French State, with the international name of “Bachelor of International Business Administration” from Montpellier Business School.

The Bachelor of International Business Administration (BIBA) from Montpellier Business School provides training at the forefront of new developments in business administration and management: it is perfectly adapted to ongoing market developments and changes in the economy at every level (local, national and global).

The course leaves plenty of room for student choice, including the year of integration, the choice of companies where mandatory and optional internships are carried out, and the choice of international destinations with foreign partner universities and businesses. All this while providing close and personalised supervision, essential for undergraduates taking their first steps in higher education and facing a wide array of managerial cultures around the world. Also, it is now possible to undertake this exceptional training as a student either with work-study status (only in the last year of study: apprenticeship, professional training contract), or with Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL).

Director of Bachelor Programme