The Executive MBA programme seeks candidates with significant business experience, a previous university-level degree, and the aptitude for management education and career advancement.

As Montpellier Business School’s EMBA programme focuses on entrepreneurship and leadership through a transformational process, candidates must justify why they want to be enrolled into this programme specifically.

The Executive MBA programme selects students who are not only able to assimilate curriculum but who greatly contribute to the learning process for the group as a whole. The admission process has been elaborated keeping this in mind.

Admissions criteria and process


• A minimum academic level (at least a bachelors’ level degree) and a minimum of professional experience (at least 3 years’ experience in a position of responsibility) are required.

• The application form is to filled online. It summarizes the academic and professional requirements, and the reasons for applying to the programme.

• The cost of the application is €150.


Those candidates who are eligible from the application form are invited to an interview to assess motivation and fit for the programme.

• The behavioural part of the interview is carried out according to the Hay Management method, while the motivation interview focuses on the individual professional project.
• There are several interview dates offered throughout the year.
• Admission is decided according to the results obtained and the number of seats available in the programme.

Note: If you need to ask for a visa to join our Executive MBA, please note that you will not be considered as a student, you will keep your professional status.

As Diversity is part of Montpellier Business School’s core values, the school’s will is to advance learning via the sharing of diverse experiences. As a result, our Executive MBA underscores the recruitment of students with diverse backgrounds and personal characteristics. It also promotes equal opportunities for all talents.


Contact us:

If you are interested in the Executive MBA programme, please contact us by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by telephone at + 33 (0)4 67 10 27 36



For more detailed information about our programme, you can download our Executive MBA brochure (in French only), the application form and the letter of recommendation