International Apprenticeship

With more than 800 students in Master Programme and about 50 in Bachelor Programme, following  these programmes in apprenticeship, Montpellier Business School is an unquestionable French leader among Universities and Grandes Ecoles in that innovative way of education.

On the top our strong engagement in apprenticeship is the best illustration of one key value of Montpellier Business School in favor of social promotion and equality of access to higher education.

In fact when you’re apprentice, tuition fees are paid by company which employs you as apprentice and moreover you receive wages based on minimum wages for salaries in France.

So it’s a way which allows every student to access a Management School, if succeeding entrance exams, even if no personal ability in payment of tuition fees.

Education apprenticeship programme is based on alternating periods of 3-week within company and 1-week at Montpellier Business School campus per month in average.

Montpellier Business School continues to innovate by launching apprenticeship at international level, that means recruiting international students coming from our recruitment centers in Dakar, Dominican Republic as well in Thaïland, but also international students which pass successfully our international entrance exam, and propose afterwards to these students, particularly all whose financial resources are limited, to follow Master Programme in apprenticeship during 1 or 2 years.

These selected students will be employed in apprenticeship by companies which give to each student a strong professionalizing training during the apprenticeship period in a France-based unit, and after diploma graduation could propose a job to the student in the native country to become a manager of the local subsidiary, and so to make benefit the foreign country of talents trained and graduated from a major Business School in France.