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What are the differences between the MSc and the Master in Management (Grande Ecole) programs?

• The Master in Management (Master Grande Ecole) is a 2 or 3-year program and Master of Science (MSc) is a one and half year program. 
o Master Grande Ecole: Students must follow a full program (2 or 3 years compulsory). You have the choice between a program entirely in English or in French. In the first year you will study general management courses and in the second year many tracks and many options are available. You will also need to write a Master Thesis. For more information, click here
o MSc programs: Consists of two semesters of course-work in English with more than 470 hours on a specialised subject and one semester of internship and a Master Thesis.

Who can join the one year MSc?

• This program is open to all French and International students, who hold a bachelor degree

Montpellier Business School offers 6 different programmes:

- MSc in Finance
- MSc in International Business
- MSc in Lean Operations Management
- MSc in Marketing
- MSc in Digital Management
- MSc in Global Business, study in 3 countries within one year.

All our MSc programs are accredited by the “Conférence des Grandes Écoles”. More information click here:

What is the MSc Program Structure for the MSc in Marketing, Finance, Digital Management and International Business?

→ Format: Full Time
→ Program Duration: from 14 to 16 months
→ Period: from September to May + Professional Experience from June to December
→ Teaching language: English
→ Program Highlights:  Entrepreneurial Project, Marketing Simulation, Master thesis
→ Campus: Montpellier
→ Course credit hours: 90 ECTS, more than 450 hours
→ Tuition Fees: 13,900€

What is the MSc Program Structure for the MSc in Global Business?

→ Format: Full Time
→ Program Duration: 15 months
→ Period Duration: from August to November in Victoria University,  Canada; from mid-November to end of January in Montpellier BS, France and from February to May  in SKKU
→ Professional Experience from June to December
→ Teaching language: English
→ Program Highlights: Entrepreneurial Project, consulting project, Master thesis
→ Campus: Montpellier
→ Course credit hours: 90 ECTS, more than 450 hours
→ Tuition Fees: 16,500€


What are the entry requirements?

• Holder of a Bachelor Degree

Have a good level of English (Minimum IELTS score 6.0/9, TOEIC 670/990, TOEFL 75/120).

If you apply for the MSc in Finance, you must have a strong base in mathematics, economics and statistics/econometrics at undergraduate level, have an engineering degree or have some professional experience in Finance.

What English tests are accepted?

• We accept the following tests and scores:
- IIELTS 6.0 out of 9
- TOEFL 75 out of 120
- TOEIC 670 out of 990

Can I apply if I have a BAC+3?

• Our admissions criteria require a Bachelor’s degree from a foreign university or a French equivalent to BAC+4/M1. If you currently hold a BAC+3, you may still be eligible for an exceptional admission in the one year MSc based on additional criteria and approval by the admissions department.

You can also do the program in two years, the M1 at the University of Montpellier and the MSc at Montpellier Business School. All along the two years you will be coached and followed by Montpellier Business School and will have access to our conferences and career centre.

What Degree will I obtain after the MSc?

• After completing the MSc program, you will be awarded the French “Master of Science” - MSc Degree by Montpellier Business School, accredited by AACSB and the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE).

What is the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles ?

• The Conférence des Grandes Ecoles is a non-profit association of engineering schools, management schools and higher education institutions offering other specialties. All the Grandes Ecoles are recognized by the State and offer a nationally-certified degree at Master's level. Its members also include companies, alumni associations and organisations. More information, click here:


How to apply?

Step 1:
- Complete the Online Application from our website.
- Upload all required documents and proceed for the payment for the application fee (90€) by Credit Card.

Step 2:
- A jury will evaluate the files and admissible candidates will be invited for a 30-minute oral interview.
- The interview is scheduled via Video Conference if you are not in the South of France.
- Admission results are to be announced within 2 working days after the interview.

Step 3:
- A deposit of 3,000€ will be required in order to confirm your registration. Students from some countries will be required to pay the full tuition fees of the first year in order to receive the student visa to France.

Do I need to take any English test?

• To apply to the MSc programs, you need to provide one valid English test, like IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC, except if you are a native English speaker or have completed a previous degree in which the medium of teaching was English.

If you do not have your test results at the moment, you can still apply. We will add them to your application file once you submit the results.

Do I need to speak French to apply to the MSc program?

• The MSc programs are taught and marked/graded entirely in English. French is not required.

To help you integrate into the life in France, Montpellier Business School offers international students free French courses.

What is the required GPA for admissions?

• The admissions department doesn’t require any specific benchmark regarding GPA due to the disparity on this factor when it comes to our global student population. Although GPA is considered there are many other factors that grant eligibility.

Is the GMAT required for admission?

• The GMAT is not currently required for admission, however, if you have it you can add it to your application and it will be taken into consideration.

What is the admission timeline for MSc Program?

Admissions to the next September intake, the deadline to apply to the MSc programs is June 30th for non-European students, residing outside of France and who need to apply for a visa and September 8th, for European students and all other nationalities residing in France.

Admission results will be announced within 48 hours after the interview.

What are the next steps following the interview?

- After receiving your interview results, either in person or by video conference, you will need to pay to Montpellier Business School a deposit of 3,000 euros and send the proof to the school with the confirmation form within one week. Students from some countries will be required to pay the full tuition fees of the first year in order to receive the student visa to France.

- Then, you will receive an official acceptance letter and the International Reception Centre will contact you to help you start looking for accommodation and going through the visa process.
In June, the “Service of the Student Life” will contact you to do enrolment process online and send you an enrolment form, which you should complete and send back together with the required documents. Once the process is complete you will be officially a student at Montpellier Business School. Be insured, there will always be someone to assist you throughout the whole process!

Am I allowed to apply for two specialisations at one time?

• We strongly suggest you apply for the program that you are more interested in, and if you are not admitted you can apply to the second choice.

Do I need to certify my original copies?

• All the documents you submit are photocopies of your original documents. You should be able to provide the original documents or certified copies when you arrive in France.

Is professional experience required by Montpellier Business School?

• MBS does not require professional experience. However, you should mention any professional experience you have in your application, as that can be an advantage for you.

What is the tuition fee payment procedure?

- Once you are admitted to our programs you will need to pay a deposit of 3,000 euros within one week in order to confirm your place. Students from some countries will be required to pay the full tuition fees of the first year in order to receive the student visa to France.

While filling the student registration form sent by the “Service of the Student Life” before the school begins you will be asked to indicate the payment option that you will choose as below:
• Pay the remaining amount in October within 15 days with a single bank transfer after receiving the invoice, and you will receive 5% discount of the remaining amount.
• Pay the remaining amount in October within 15 days with a single transaction by credit card after receiving the invoice, and you will receive 3% discount of the remaining amount.
• Pay in up to 8 times, between October and May.

Visa and other Assistances

Will I have help during the visa process?

• Montpellier Business School has a dedicated service for international students, the “International Reception Centre”. After your enrolment confirmation, you will be contacted by this department which will help you throughout the visa process, as well as other administrative procedures before your arrival and once arriving in France.
• For the MSc in Global Business you will be helped by a representative from each university through Montpellier Business School to apply for the corresponding visas in each of the countries.

What can I do if my visa is refused or I failed my diploma?

• By presenting an official proof, you can carry your admission forward to the next year under the same condition as deferring your application; otherwise, the deposit will be refunded.

Can I defer my admission to the following year?

• Yes, in case of any major incidents including health issues, disasters or emergencies, you can request in writing to postpone your intake to the following year. Your deposit of €3,000 or full fees will be automatically transferred into the following academic year. Attention: No refund is possible if you do not join the next year.

Will I have help finding accommodation and doing administrative procedures?

• Yes, the “International Reception Centre” in charge of international students will also help you in finding accommodation, opening a bank account, doing you visa confirmation once you are in France, opening a phone contract, and helping you do any procedures that you need for integrating into your new life in France.

Will I be picked up when arriving in France?

• Once you arrive in Montpellier a representative from the school, will pick you up or help you schedule transportation and take you to your residence.

Internships, part-time jobs, and Jobs in France

Is the internship or professional experience compulsory?

• The internship or professional experience is mandatory. It will help you gain work experience and practical knowledge. You don’t need a work permit in France. All you need to have is an “Internship Agreement” signed by three parties: yourself, the company and Montpellier Business School. If you wish to do your internship in another country, you might need to apply for a work-permit from that particular country.

Does Montpellier Business School help students to find an internship or Job?

• Montpellier Business School has a Career Centre with coaches that help students develop their CVs, motivation letters, and prepare for job interviews. The school also offers a job platform where students can find many internships and job offers. Each year it brings more than 7,000 job offers to the students. In addition, we also have partnerships with many companies, who each year hire students from the school. Moreover, 13,000 school’s alumni members can also help students in their search for placement and employment.

Am I allowed to stay in France after graduation?

• All non-EU graduated students who have been awarded at least a master’s degree may apply for a one-time, non-renewable residence permit valid from six months to one year beyond the expiration date of student’s residence permit.

Is it legal to have a part-time job while I am studying?

• According to the French regulation, you are allowed to work part-time (less than 20 hours per week). However, you will have to do a lot of group-work throughout your study, therefore, taking a part-time job for more than one day a week is not advised. More information regarding the part-time job, click here.


Can I obtain any scholarships?

• Montpellier Business School offers “Academic excellence Grants” to eligible students.  The evaluation criteria are based on the academic scores.

There are also a number of French organizations, which can grant scholarships to international students studying in France.

If you are a student from the European Union, find more information from here In other cases you can also find information as following

Campus France also offers many scholarships and funding schemes designed to support international students' studies in France, such as the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship etc.

You can also explore the CNOUS website for other scholarship opportunities

Can I meet admission officers from Montpellier Business School?

• Our admission officers attend various International Education Fairs throughout the year. If you would like to meet them, send us an email (see below).

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