Visas and residence permits

This is a guide to get you started on what you need to know about visas and residence permits.

1. For European citizens, residence permits are not required (nor visas).

2. If you need to get a visa, you should start the application process as soon as you can.

The procedure is the following:

Once you have been accepted by Montpellier Business School, and paid your deposit, you will receive a "lettre d'acceptation" (letter of acceptance) from Montpellier Business School.

Then, you should apply, through the Campus France of your country, by going to the Campus France website for your country and filling in the on-line form. Campus France will guide you through the rest of the visa application procedure.

Check on the link below the CampusFrance offices near you :

Please inform us of your Campus France identification number as soon as you have it.

If you don’t find you country on the list above, you should contact your nearest French Embassy to apply for a visa once you have received the letter of acceptance from Montpellier Business School

3) residence permits

If you need a residence permit, you should apply as soon as you arrive in France. MONTPELLIER Business School will assist you in getting your residence permit.

To obtain a residence permit: you must get together the following documents, before your arrival in France, and bring them with you:

• A birth certificate translated into French by a certified translator (you can get this translated once in France- although it may be cheaper to do this in your own country)
• A financial resources certificate from your bank (converted into euros)
• A copy of your vaccination certification

If, during your academic year, you have to do an internship, you can do so without any work permit; you just need an Internship Agreement signed by yourself, the company and Montpellier Business School.